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Mining operations

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Transkarat company activity is mining operations of raw gold and diamonds in Africa. A place where diamonds and gold are mined is Sierra Leone. The company has all the necessary licenses and concessions necessary for production and exports to Europe. The Company also holds the only one in Poland, and also in this part of Europe Diamond factory located in Rzepin. Stones are sold in Belgium – Antwerp – Diamond European Sales Centre.


Our company operates in Sierra Leone for 10 years. As a result, we can guarantee a full service logistics – organization on place in SL.

Our biggest strengths are also:

– The possibility of organization and assistance in carrying out the formalities related to the export / import in Sierra Leone, including customs formalities, INTERTEK checking formalities required for certain goods

– Having information on any administrative fees associated with the activities export/ import, including the opportunity to help in terms of fees and taxes in the country

– Help with entry visas on the territory of Sierra Leone,

– Help in the purchase of air tickets to / from SL

– Arrangement of the unit load required for maritime as well as land, including the organization of the unit load (eg. The container 40 HC) to the loading, which consists of a series of logistical operations as custom container at the owner or at the shipping company, organization of the inland transport of container to place of loading, loading of goods (in this case lumber) to container transport container to the port and the rest of the organization until the required steps for loading onto the ship (customs clearance fees, etc.)

– Ensuring security for transported goods to the ship,

– Organizing shipments of express / courier and many others.


Another advantage of our company are the material resources in the form of equipment valued companies as Komatsu, which works well in African conditions in all kinds of activities intended to enable exploration of local sites and activities related to export and import containers (construction of roads and all kinds of earthworks, transportation, loading container). These machines support the mining processes. These machines are necessary for the construction of roads and land for the campus like. We own f.ex.: Komatsu D375A bulldozer, excavator XCQ 240 LC8, Komatzu bulldozer D65PX-12, charger WB93S-5, Komatsu PC290NLC-7K, charger LW321 F loader Komatsu WA470-6 – arts, SD 23 bulldozer, loader Komatsu WA470-3H, excavator PC240NLC – 7K, backhoe loader WB93-S5, trucks TATRA TerrNo1, MAZ, Ural and Iveco.


We have also some natural resources in the form of wood raw material in Africa. We are licensed to deforestation, logging and cutting trees in Sierra Leone, timber production and export of both the log and timber. We would like to offer high-quality wood from intact forests in Africa so far, with trees that are truly relics whose diameter ranges from 0.5 m 1.20 a height of up to 30 m.


We are looking for business partners who would be interested in tree loggingf and cutting, as well as selling of high grade wood. We are looking for professionals who can deliver the equipment and technology needed for removal, as well as familiar with the industry of wood raw material and capable of providing too. For its part, we offer raw material, logistic support – organizational as well as essential equipment in local woods even to create the conditions for removal. Logging license covers an area of approx. 50 km x 50 km. So far, an inventory was conducted 1 ha, which included 1,054 trees, the cross-section of 0.4 m to 1.05 m. We can provide inventory entire forest at much lower cost than the prices in Europe.