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Company “Transkarat” was founded by four shareholders August 2, 2006. The company will be located in the Kostrzyn Special Economic Zone in Słubice.

            The company aims to become a leader in logistics services for major shipping companies, using a logistic center that will handle combined transport (rail transportation of containerized cargoes, trailers and all vehicles) and comprehensive logistics services on the Polish and Russian.

            The intended objective will be achieved through the organization of road-rail transport including:

train carrying containers from Hamburg to Russia and from Russia to Hamburg

inches train carrying automobiles on platforms from Slubice to Ivanov and Ivanov’s to Slubice.

train carrying a load of cars.

train carrying other types of goods.

  Within the center there will be place reloading components for short-term storage of containers and railway post handling and railway platforms. The company will have a different type of magazines such. Collectively-distributive warehouses, warehouse for cargo undersized. On site, there will be also a petrol station, car wash, motel for drivers and workshop allows minor repairs.

            The project implemented by Transkarat is innovative on a scale not only Lubuskie province but also throughout the country. Research predict that the share of combined transport in the total cargo by Polish to rise in the coming years from 1% to several or even a dozen or so percent. The company Transkarat through their actions not want to compete with major carriers in the Polish and Russian markets and on the contrary make them cooperate in order to reduce the cost of transporting goods from Hamburg to Russia and relieve the roads of trucks.


The company’s mission of Transkarat:

Be a modern, international and ecological in the comprehensive logistics services including combined transport.

The company will be located in the Kostrzyn Special Economic Zone in Slubice on the international route E-30 Berlin – Moscow and at the railroad running from Germany to Polish (2 km from the border with Germany). The center will include:

– squares handling and storage. (The strength of the substrate load will be a minimum of 8 tons / m2 with storage containers).
– gates for cars (reception) at the gate or in its vicinity will be weighing vehicles with containers (eventually to be two gates)
-railway reloading position (at the rear of the base). This position will also be equipped with weight
-aids loading and unloading containers (trailers and swap bodies) from a train:
When handling horizontal – Special tractors, ramp affix to cars,

When handling vertical – overhead crane rail, crane rail or mobile with a special gripper forceps

-warehouse size approx. 2,400 m2 (collectively-distribution)
-high Storage warehouse- 12m or 25m + equipment (shelving, forklifts or computer-controlled cranes, forklifts for loading and unloading)
-warehouse for cargo undersized (7.2 m) (groupage or oversized + equipment (forklifts) (the two above stores will perhaps combined – combined their size is approximately 39,000 m2)
-the information system (computers & software SAPR3 (modules: materials management, warehouse management, sales and distribution + or quality control, feasility Management Office, etc.)
– Electronic Data Interchange – EDI (SAP)
– Bar codes in warehouse and in road and rail transport
– Posts for washing and cleaning of containers, trailers, chassis and entire vehicles
– Administrative building
– Object Protection System (a system of cameras and monitoring)
– Modern fire prevention
– Platforms railways for transporting semi-trailers or containers or trucks
– Containers, specialty trailers, specialized vehicles trucks
workshop enables small naprawy- (plus a social room for drivers)
– Motel for drivers (target on the second plot)
– Restaurant (ultimately on the second plot)
– Petrol station (mobile)
Expected number of employees 60-100 people


The planned investment by the company Transkarat is the solution unique in the country. Currently in Poland there are several companies offering combined transport from Western Europe to Polish, but none of these companies do not organize this type of transport further into Russia. Transportation offered by existing carriers applies only to the transport of railway containers. The company’s competitiveness Transkarat in relation to the above-mentioned companies will rely on a greater area of activity (Hamburg – Ivanovo) and comprehensive and wider range of services, which will include: transport by rail of containers, trailers and whole vehicles, storage, sorting, packing, tracking storage units in the throughout the supply chain diagnostic services for trucks, a mobile station, etc. forwarding and transport companies, thanks to the company Transkarat will be able to expand its market activities of the Eastern European countries, such as Belarus, Russia. Additionally, the company is able to arrange temporary registration of trucks in Russia in order to facilitate potential partners entering this market.

Combined transport offered by Transkarat benefit:

– the company’s customers benefits:
Short-time cargo from Hamburg to Russia (now the road takes about two weeks and the time the carriage of goods combined transport will be from 3 to 4 days)
greater timeliness of cargo by avoiding stop at the border with Belarus and Russia
providing transportation home house
less risk of damage
improved efficiency in the use of transport (thanks consignments of combined carrier may use their cars for the transport of other goods)
labor savings
larger consignments by rail
reducing air pollution and noise,
and reducing terenochłonności
an increase in Security


It should be mentioned at this point of cooperation which leads Transkarat company with one of the world’s most famous ballet groups – Moscow City Ballet. The company has been involved in the organization of logistics and delivery decoration over the world including USA, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea, Dubai, Bruksella, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Budapest and Moscow. Every year, the ballet is also present in Poland and the Baltic countries. Besides organizing the transport of decoration, company stores for a group of ballet their decorations and costumes at the warehouse located in Rzepin.