Logistics center/ Moscow city ballet

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Company “Transkarat” was founded by four shareholders August 2, 2006. The company will be located in the Kostrzyn Special Economic Zone in Słubice.             The company aims to become a leader in logistics services for major shipping companies, using a logistic center that will handle combined transport (rail transportation of containerized cargoes, trailers and all vehicles) […]

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Alcohol production/ Siemens line

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We are a manufacturer of high-quality alcohol. Among our products we offer our customers the brandy, grappa, whiskey and liqueurs. Our production is located in Rzepin 20 km from the German border, just 90 km from Berlin. In addition to the production of alcohols, we have a high-grade line of Siemens for the manufacture of […]

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Mining operations

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Transkarat company activity is mining operations of raw gold and diamonds in Africa. A place where diamonds and gold are mined is Sierra Leone. The company has all the necessary licenses and concessions necessary for production and exports to Europe. The Company also holds the only one in Poland, and also in this part of […]