About us

Company “Transkarat” was established on Aug. 2, 2006, and it was founded by four partners. The company has an outstanding position. Access to our company is easy for cars and cargo vehicles. This is ensured by international roads E30 (A2), E65 (A3) and E28, the railway line Paris – Berlin – Warsaw – Moscow and the proximity of road and railway border crossings. Investors may also benefit from close passenger and cargo airports in Babimost, Goleniów, Poznan and the German capital Berlin. Location Zones easy access to sea ports in Szczecin and Swinoujscie and river ports in Berlin and Hamburg.

The company since its inception is engaged in the mining of gold and diamonds in Africa. In addition to mining activities in Africa, the company operates also in Poland and Belgium. The Company has specialized equipment supporting the processes of mining operations in Africa such as Komatsu and Allmineral.


There is located in Rzepin unique in this part of Europe grinding diamonds manufacture. The company also has a sales office of diamonds in Belgium, the European Sales Centre in Antwerp. Mining operations take place in Sierra Leone, where the company holds a license for mining operations. From Africa, it is sent a raw material to Poland, where, after cutting, it is sold in Antwerp.


Besides mining activities, Transkarat will focus on the use of warehouse and shipping companies transport by rail and road. The company Transkarat will assume the function of logistics of containers at  rail-road from the port of Hamburg towards the Polish and Eastern European countries. For this purpose, the company purchased the land in KSSSE where will be built a modern logistics center.


Project logistics center

In addition to mining activities and logistics operations, company manufactures high-quality alcohol such as brandy, grappa, whiskey and liqueurs.

whisky strona

Additionally, the company has a modern bottling line from Siemens with the possibility of bottling soft drinks, energy drinks and water.


It should be also mentioned about the cooperation with one of the world’s most famous ballet groups – Moscow City Ballet. The company has been involved in the organization of logistics and delivery decoration over the world including USA, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea, Dubai, Bruksella, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Budapest and Moscow. Every year, the ballet is also present in Poland and in the Baltic countries. Besides organizing the transport of decoration, company stores for a group of ballet their decorations and costumes at the warehouse located in Rzepin.